Remove Already Tracked Items from Git

After wrestling with a .NET app that wasn’t excluding the “packages” directory from the repo, I realized I had missed a crucial and obvious step… I forgot to commit the change to finalize the removal. Talk about one of those “you forgot a comma” moments…


Thoughts on Migrating to a Microservices Architecture

I was recently asked when it made sense to choose to architect an application based on micro-services vs the more common approach of using a more centralized core framework or codebase. Answering this over Twitter is simply impossible as the answer isn’t simple. In fact, there’s a lot that needs to be considered as the decision extends well beyond just the code.


Create an ".EBextensions" Folder on Windows

I have a number of Linux-based applications that have been using the .ebextensions functionality of Elastic Beanstalk for quite some time. Its a great way of managing the configuration of your environments and running tasks both pre and post-deploy. However, one of my current projects is a C# .NET app and it took me a while to remember how to create a folder in Windows with a leading (.) period. It seems so trivial, but, honestly, I can’t recall the last time I’ve had to do it - chances are many of you can’t either.


Tips for working with Node.js on Ubuntu

####Installing Nodejs from the standard Ubuntu repos.#### While this won’t get you bleeding edge 0.12.x, it will it will get you a relatively recent and stable version of 0.10.x. This probably isn’t a bad thing as 0.12.x is pretty new and not everything supports it - yet.


The Tomboy and The Geek is Back Online!

I have finally gotten The Tomboy and the Geek back online! This is third site I needed to restore and is right in-line with my Year of the Hustle post. This particular site is meant to help keep our friends and family in the loop with what we’ve been up to. The site previously housed years worth of pictures and content, so it will take a while to get the old content (as much as we still have) republished and available.

» Is Back Online!

I am happy to report that up and online! Its not much, but its at least a start and will continue to increase in functionality over time. As mentioned in my post, “The Year of the Hustle”, this is simply one item of step one, but is, by far, my most critical site and seeing tangible progress is invigorating. The site is my first real attempt at implementing a Twitter Bootstrap theme and was a great learning experience. If anyone reading this has suggestions, please list them in the comments; I’d love to hear them.


Pagoda Box

For the past few months I have been experimenting with the various Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers for PHP and the winner so far is hands down - Pagoda Box. This amazing tool is still under active development, but is insanely cheap and offers some amazing functionality that its competitors don’t. Probably most compelling feature is its support for persistent files storage with - wait for it - SSH access. That’s correct - not everything has to be stored in Git. If you haven’t decided on a PHP PaaS solution, or even if you already have, I recommend checking them out.